Paris Dream Dooney and Bourke Bags Fall and Winter

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Published: 13th January 2011
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This is an ode to Paris, a time and space through the 2010 Winter Tiffany jewelry will take us back to Paris this desire to Huadu, trace the source of luxury, romantic nature. Following the inspiration for the "mysterious Orient Train" and "New World explorer "after, Tiffany jewelry sale back to a dream place to start - Paris, this is absolutely romantic, passionate lovers of the city, for their tremendous creative inspiration, not rigidly adhere to the bleak and dreary winter, dooney and bourke stores bold the use of colors, such as pink, bright orange, peacock blue, ivory and so on, as if relaxing pleasure Dooney and Bourke Handbags, sweet and dreamy; simple design and smooth lines, no doubt a tribute to Paris a century buildings, classic and luxury; so ladies who love to create more and more immersed in the Lancel French Brisk world. When you happy and exciting, please dont forget to choose a pair of nike shoes in the famous nike outlet.
In the roaring 20's, Paris Smooth talker, prosperous brocade, in the traditional spirit of realism and anti-impact and interaction on, a great dream but as mischievous Parisian exile is unfolding. Mysterious adventurer such as bird feathers by the dream-like flying over in Paris, enjoy to discover and explore the mysterious and alluring city, the Paris Opera, Place Vendome, the Louvre, these timeless buildings , witnessed the most colorful era in history. Every street, every roof, every bridge, every café, every moment had been prepared for a song, a book, an album very rich and distant. To restore these vivid memories, Lancel to Paris inspired architectural aesthetics, design a unique Art Deco style (Art Deco), pure and solid, simple and practical.
Lancel Paris features the perfect season into the fall and winter will be the design concept - the ultimate woman of Paris sexy, elegant, independent, playful, and courage, but also full of adventure and free spirit of subversion on its head. Lancel French painted Brisk autumn and winter showed a new mood, smooth lines, vibrant colors, powerful and practical functionality, so day to day life, overflowing with chic romantic; no matter where you are , or what color, can not resist the French feelings pour.

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